Below are some of the hiking trails in and around Wrangell that we recommend to visitors looking to get some exercise and experience the natural beauty of our island! We can provide you with maps, directions, and advice at our office. Call us if you are interested in a private, guided hike.

Mt. Dewey: This short, half mile hike takes you up the hill behind town on boardwalk stairs through the woods to a viewpoint where you'll see all of Wrangell and the surrounding islands across the water.

Volunteer Park Trail: Two loops that add up to 1.5 mi comprise this trail, which is a gentle walk on flat, packed gravel through both marshy meadows and forest.

Rainbow Falls: This is a beautiful, forested boardwalk trail that varies in difficulty depending on your destination. After half a mile on packed gravel and boardwalk, you’ll reach the first platform with a view of the waterfall. Another 0.2 mi will bring you to a second platform looking out over the falls. If you want to continue, the boardwalk becomes steeper and more challenging. From here you can either go to the High Country Shelter (a three-sided USFS structure) or to Shoemaker Overlook – it is 2.7 mi to either one. We only recommend these hikes to very physically fit people.